Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Landgraviate Council to Meet...Trouble Expected

Rumors spreading from the Landgrave of Ober-Schweinsberg speak of the impending meeting of the council loyal to Prince Asgar, one of the competing brothers engaged in civil war over their deceased father's throne. The Landgraviate continues to be divided over the issue of succession, with each Prince having been crowned Landgrave by different bishops and supported by their own government structures.

Speculation runs high that this gathering of Asgar's Council will draw the attention of Prince Arnold, and that an expedition may be mounted despite the winter season to arrest the Council members. Already, some residents are reported to be leaving the small town of Unter-Schweingau in anticipation of bloodshed, while others stay, the mayor having called the town's militia to arms. As of yet, there is no word of the Council's arrival in the town, and rumors differ as to the exact date planned for the meeting.

It is thought that any move by Arnold's wintering forces will result in a battle of some size, as one of Asgar's divisions lies in winter quarters across the river from the town, and would likely be called upon to defend the town.

(and yes, this is a background post for the proxy battle I'm working up to be played out by Murdock's group)


Fitz-Badger said...

That wouldn't be Prince Arnold von Rimmer, would it? (and if so, would his brother's nickname be "As" - perhaps pronunced "ace"?)
Smoke me a kipper. :-)

MurdocK said...

Looking forward to some more details about the flags and unit "general" colours.

I have more than enough infantry and cavalry for one of the forces.

I may be tight on the cavalry for the other, but combined with Jeff we should do fine.

Snickering Corpses said...


Actually, I just picked those names off a name site after perusing various name meanings. :>