Sunday, July 6, 2008

Answer to Stokes

Stokes asked a couple of questions in his comments, about how I liked painting the SSMs and about the brush used.

They're a challenge, mostly to decide where the borders are between things. I've thought about the blacklining, but I think I need to get more comfortable with just the basic painting first. I don't yet have a clear grasp of where the dividing lines would be.

For brushes, assuming the number engraved on them is correct, as I think they're older than I am...I'm using a 5 brush to slop on gesso and other large areas, and a 1 brush to do the main painting. The 1 brush is unusual in that its bristles are cut off at only 3/16 of an inch long, which gives them a square and farely controllable tip. I'm finding it a good compromise of control and surface area from the little 3/0 I was using on the RSMs earlier.

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