Monday, February 25, 2008

News from Ober-Schweinsberg

Ober-Schweingau Herald (loyal to Asgar) - With mid-February snows still upon the ground, and armies retired to winter quarters as is common for the season, the town of Unter-Schweingau was chosen to be the meeting place for the great nobles loyal to our rightful Landgrave in a council to prepare for the coming spring. A peaceful town, Unter-Schweingau is well known as a favored in along the trade routes through the pass in which it lies, just across the river from our own fair city. However, that peace was shattered by invasion less than a fortnight ago, as the forces of Prince Arnold determined to disrupt and capture our honored Council, dispatching several brigades under the Polish immigrant Generalmajor Wlodzimierz Borowczyk, once a trusted officer of the Landgraviate.

We are pleased to report that Generalmajor Schweiger and his forces of Asgar were quick to respond and managed to extract the council members from the town to safety despite attack by a superior force. A valiant fighting withdrawal has brought the Council members to safety behind the firm wall of the Schweingau river, upon which our lines now rest. Though we celebrate this victory with joy, there yet remains a measure of sadness in our hearts, for the victory was not won except with great cost. A great many casualties and prisoners were left behind, particularly the loss of Brigadier Murnau and almost the entirety of his cavalry brigade, who are reported to have fallen in brave and furious charges to defend our noble Council. Shame, too, must fall upon some. The 8th Line regiment, having been shattered in two consecutive battles, has reportedly been taken out of the line in disgrace, having proven itself unworthy of the Prince it serves. More heinous than the failure of the 8th, however, is the defection of those blackguard foreigners of Shannon's regiment, who have deserted their rightful Prince and sullied the name of their once fine regiment. Let them return unto their original lands ere they meet us in battle, for we shall surely cut them down like the vile dogs they are for their treachery.

Vergoldeten Bulletin (loyal to Hesse-Engelburg) - Christmas passed quietly in Vergoldeten, a peaceful Christmas unmarred by war. After being so recently threatened with great bloodshed, we owe our thanks to the good rulers of Hesse-Engelburg for their kind dealings and the protection we enjoy with their troops wintering about our fair city. Trade continues to flow, and the new year looks bright with joy and increase. We of Vergoldeten extend our sincere condolences to those of our kindred who have lost loved ones in the recent fighting, and our hopes for a peaceful resolution to the civil war that has befallen the Landgraviate.


MurdocK said...

Arnold represents Hess-Engleberg I assume?

Snickering Corpses said...

*headshakes* Arnold and Asgar are the twin sons of the late Landgrave of Ober-Schweinsberg. Arnold is firstborn, but Asgar accused him of having something to do with his father's death, if memory serves.

Hesse-Engelburg, however, holds Vergoldeten after the Battle of Vergoldeten. The forces of Asgar were defeated by Arnold, the forces of Bad Nachtschwein were defeated by Hesse-Engelburg, and Arnold and Hesse-Engelburg negotiated rather than fight it out. As the force sent by Hesse-Engelburg was three times the size of Arnold's, Anrold was inclined to avoid combat. ;) Hesse-Engelburg now owns the Vergoldeten region, as a newly created Barony.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I am pleased that Generalmajor Schweiger has received some of the credit which he is due for carrying out his withdrawal under very difficult circumstances.

-- Jeff