Saturday, February 2, 2008

Uniforms and flags for Battle of Unter-Schweingau

Rather than try to load them all into a post, I've put the uniforms and flags into an online gallery viewable at this link:

Missing: Unter-Schweingau militia
Extra: Van Ackeren Cuirassiers, Asgar's army

The Van Ackeren unit will not be present at the battle, but I threw them into the gallery since I had an image for them.

The two forces combined at this point total 10 brigades, with 17 battalions of infantry, 25 squadrons of cavalry, and 8 guns on the field. Here's the order of battle for the troops, including commander initiative/command radius as rolled by Jeff:

Arnold’s Forces
C-in-C: Generalmajor Wlodzimierz Borowczyk (Polish immigrant) – Steady, Initiative 2, Command 11”

Jagers: Schlöndorff Jagers – 420 men, Trained

Black Brigade - Brigadier Max Färberböck – Steady, Initiative 1, Command 9”/6”
Schwarze Eber Fusiliers – 510 men (90 gren), Veteran
Emmerich Musketeers – 510 men (90 gren), Trained
Potente Musketeers – 510 men (90 gren), Trained

Kinski Brigade - Brigadier Werner Kinski – Political, Initiative 1, Command 8”/5”
Riefenstahl Musketeers – 510 men (90 gren), Veteran
Tykwer Musketeers – 510 men (90 gren), Trained
Belgischer Musketeers – 510 men (90 gren), Raw (Belgian raw recruits, ex-POWs)

French Brigade - Brigadier Jean-Louis d'Civeyrac – Aggressive, Initiative 1, Command 11”/7”
Grenadiers d’Civeyrac – 480 men, Veteran
Leterrier Musketeers – 600 men, Veteran

Muldowney Heavy Cavalry Brigade - Brigadier Sean Muldowney – Aggressive, Initiative 2, Command 8”/5” (Irish immigrant)
Von Praunheim Cuirassiers – 3 sqdns, 360 men, Elite
Lubitsch Dragoons – 2 sqdns, 240 men, Trained
Lamarr Dragoons – 3 sqdns, 360 men, Raw

Light Cavalry Brigade - Brigadier Hans Andress – Political, Initiative 1, Command 15”/10”
Bandauer Hussars – 3 sqdns, 360 men, Veteran
Puchalski Lancers – 2 sqdns, 240 men, Trained (Polish immigrants)

1 x 12pdr
3 x 3pdr

Asgar’s Forces
C-in-C: Generalmajor Peter Schweiger – Aggressive, Initiative 2, Command 10”

Town Garrison/Council Escort – Brigadier Wolfgang Storch – Cautious, Initiative 1, Command 10”/5”
Unter-Schweingau Militia – 360 men, Raw
Dieterlestadt Grenadiers – 420 men, Veteran

3rd Infantry Brigade - Brigadier Wim Gronenborn – Veteran, Initiative 1, Command 12”/7”
Shannon’s Irish Guard – 660 men, Elite (Guards unit, Irishmen)
7th Line – 600 men (60 gren), Trained
8th Line – 600 men (60 gren), Raw

2nd Infantry Brigade – Brigadier Roland Kruger – Political, Initiative 2, Command 11”/7”
2nd Line – 600 men (60 gren), Veteran
5th Line – 600 men (60 gren), Trained
6th Line – 600 men (60 gren), Trained

Murnau Heavy Cavalry Brigade - Brigadier Klaus Murnau – Aggressive, Initiative 1, Command 11”/7”
Von Trotta Horse Grenadiers – 3 sqdns, 360 men, Elite (Guards unit)
Margarethe Dragoons – 2 sqdns, 240 men, Veteran
Franka Dragoons – 2 sqdns, 240 men, Veteran

Light Cavalry Brigade - Brigadier Sebastian Boll – Aggressive, Initiative 1, Command 10”/7”
Kinski Hussars – 2 sqdns, 240 men, Trained
Hippler Hussars – 3 sqdns, 360 men, Trained

1 x 6pdr
3 x 3pdr


MurdocK said...

Excellent Uniform and flag details!

I shall explore these and see what units I can come up with.

I do not have any in the 'purple', but do have some in white with purple facings...

I think I can do one force, Asgar, completely and will look into the forces of Arnold (more of a kalidescopic army).

Also with another minis event coming in February (or convention Dak-Kon) I cannot do the battle in snowscape, sorry.

abdul666 said...

Wow! Great series of very pleasant uniforms and flags. An 2 impressive OOB: quite promising.

Cheers to all involved,

Snickering Corpses said...

Jeff's Saxe-Bearstein forces may help with part of Arnold's, since about half of them are in red. I knew the purple would be an odd one to match, so feel free to substitute as needed.

abdul666 said...

Hi, seemingly the link to enlarge the pic of the Grenadiers d'Cive is 'dead'?

Snickering Corpses said...

Hmm, so it is. That's because the apostrophe is killing it. I'll have to make a code tweek to handle that, when I get a chance.

abdul666 said...

Applies also to Shannon's Irish G; -for that same raison. html is full of traps, seemingly.

BTW, would be Grenadiers de Cive: french uses less the ' than the anglophones think (as I remember, the basic rule is " d' " only before a voyel)


Snickering Corpses said...

> BTW, would be Grenadiers de Cive:

I was actually basign it on a person named d'Civeyrac (from a list of French film directors). What would be the appropriate way of dealing with that?

Snickering Corpses said...

I've fixed the apostrophe issue. They should work now. :)